Getting the Basics Right

Putting in place the right policies and procedures will save you time, money and issues further down the track. Some of the basics I can help with are listed below - the list is not exhaustive though so if there is anything you are thinking about then please get in touch.

  • Up to date Employment Agreements compliant with current NZ legislation

  • HR Toolkits – forms and templates that can be customised to your business

  • Policy Development and Implementation – letting the staff know how “we do things around here” and implementing new processes

  • Position Descriptions and Succession Planning – an important way to future proof your business

  • Employment Relations – training for your people leaders and assistance with any situations

  • Performance Management Systems – from performance review systems to performance improvement plans

  • Remuneration, Benefits and Performance Based Reward Systems – how do you motivate your staff to perform at their best?

  • Training and Development – customised training plans for your teams and delivery of soft skills training

  • Recruitment – end to end recruitment or just the parts you don’t have time for

  • Restructuring – ensure you get it right and there are positive outcomes

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